Birds of the Gasp├ęsie (as well as one seal and one snack), looping animation (no sound), 2021

This looping animation is created from a collection of GIFs of some of the birds, mammals, and snack foods that I encountered during my time in the Gasp├ęsie in the winter of 2020-2021. Created during a virtual residency with six international artists lead by curator Abir Boukhari, the format of the animation echoes the Zoom screen of our meetings. The animations are based on watercolours.

Tree Frog Dance Party, looping animation with sound, 2020

Tap Dancing Seagull, looping animation with sound, 2015

If a Snowy Owl Were Jumping on a Trampoline How High Would It Jump?, looping animation, 2013

Sparrow, looping animation, 2006

Memento Mori, looping animation, 2004

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