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Evening Escapades

Darcy Tara McDiarmid & Chantal Rousseau, 2024

This film was commissioned for the 25th Anniversary of the Dawson City International Short Film Festival. It features Super 8 footage that was shot in and around Ddhäl Ch’èl Cha Nän territorial park and then processed with plants – combined with animated elements. It follows the adventures of a little blue rabbit through various landscapes, and the animals he meets along the way.

Starlight Sojourn

Darcy Tara McDiarmid & Chantal Rousseau, 2023

Created from watercolours, fluid acrylic paintings, and digital imagery, this animation features local fish, birds, and animals traversing a dreamlike night-time landscape in the Yukon.

Willow Ptarmigan

Chantal Rousseau, 2024

Ravens at Quigley Landfill

Chantal Rousseau, 2024